Tuesday, June 15, 2010

why men went soft...

i see a lot of women complain these days that men have gone soft as in overly emotional. i am here to inform you that i have now discovered why this change has occured...its simple.


think about to the early 2000's when women were being degraded in every facet of media. all they did was cry. cry for better programming, cry for better music videos, cry for better music.

fast forward to current times, we now have a generation of men who are concentrated on pleasing the women. (aka being soft). im not saying this is a bad thing, im just bringing this out to light. how many songs are there NOW telling women over and over that she's bad, etc....hell I couldnt even sit through the superbowl this past year without being bombarded on the tons of commercials that highlighted an emasculated male.

however, im taking a stand! and if theres men reading this...YOU should too!

basically the point of this argument is. women dont know what they want out of men..rihanna is a prime example(see Umbrella and rude boy for the contradiction)

until the day that women stop using R&B music to influence their decision making in regards to relationships the world will forever be in turmoil.

stand strong brethern, and fight the power!

who is behind this?

lets start off my random updates with some humor...check this out

there is nothing worse than clicking a 'view more pics' on a chicks page only to see 80 pictures of her kids....how lame.