Monday, December 7, 2009

this is some sh*t i cosign!

props to the boy diggy! yea thats right, rev run's middle son!...the kid dropped a new mixtape and to my is fiyah!...but really the most interesting thing is...theres no feature from jojo....could this be the start of beef?!?

Monday, November 30, 2009

Disgust! Pure Disgust!

Disgust...this is the word that describes my current mood as of lately. Mainly with my 'friends'.

Now. before anybody gets emotional, im not disgusted with all my friends, just some of the people that i held at a high regard.

I was sittin back thinkin the other day, that i havent heard from certain people in ages! and it amazes me that the only time i DO hear from certain people is if I make the attempt to call them. I know this may seem trivial but bear with me.

I have a homeboy who rode with me damn near everyday, and everywhere for the past 2 that he has his own car, and girlfriend...we're strangers.  Funny because he has no problem hitting me up randomly when he needs a favor, but if i call this guy, he never answers. and conveniently the satelite goes down everytime i send a text message. pretty effed up if you ask me, but hey i guess thats life.

i have a homegirl who i love dearly. me and her go way back. this is someone who i should be able to call whenever i have an issue and for the most part she is. but thats if shes single. the minute she gets a boyfriend im kicked to the curb faster than trash on christmas. it doesnt stop there tho, get this. the minute her lil boyfriends start to cheat on her(as they usually do because she sure knows how to pick them) were best friends again, next thing you know, he makes it up to her, they have sex, and i once again fade to black, only to wait another 6 months to hear from her again.

too many times have i felt left hanging when it comes to my so-called inner circle of friends. Ive given advice to people only to be later shitted on. Oftentimes my words will get flipped and even get used against me. but hey its all good at the end of the day. no love lost. i'll just have to handle people with a long handed spoon.

*leaving soapbox now haha*

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Album Review: Wale-Attention Defiecent

The Good:

I personally believe this album is a good, solid album for an artist 1st release. He has great material to stand behind and maybe perform should he choose the right singles. I also believe that the features that he chose to help assist on the album did a great job complimenting the feel of the overall project. "TV on the Radio" is a great example of this because K'Naan WRECKED his verse in a way that totally through me off gaurd. From Chrisette Michelle to Jasmine Sullivan, he did a great job in finding the voices to help him get out his message.
-Lyrically he's strong as ever although the punchlines are toned down, but thats excusable because he replaced the jokes with substance for example his tracks 'Shades' in which he touches on the complex of being black with different skin tones, and his song "Diary" just screams Grammy based upon the subject matter alone.
-Production wise, i believe he played it safe. He didnt go overboard with drafting the "who's who" of production but he did a great job of enlisting producers that complimented his complex flow scheme with backdrops of simple yet harmonious and often inspirational tunes.

The Bad: 

The only negative thing i can say about this album is "WHY IN THE H-E-DOUBLE HOCKEY STICKS DID HE PUT GUCCI MANE ON A TRACK!!!" that is my only beef because "Pretty Girls" was such a dope song all over until Gucci Mane stepped up to the mic! He sounded so bad, and neither of their sounds connect with each other so wtf?!? whoever was responsible for that hook-up defintiely needs to be fired!

The Ugly:

What ultimately hurt this album is the fact  that it was greatly undershipped. I went to a total of 9 stores to purchase a physical copy and all of them sent me home empty handed. i dont know what the deal with this is, but i was really upset because i definitely want to support artist that concentrate on making good music so that we can continue to thrive. so Mr. Wale if your reading this, please storm your label office and ask them 'wth!' haha

Overall: i give this album a B+ (would of been an A without the gucci mane feature) so if your curious, go pick up a copy and listen to it for yourself

Milk Carton!!! Lil Zane!!!!

hahaha now i know yall remember this bow wow stunt double...this song was sooo wack! i mean, who makes a song about 'not getting any'??!? i didnt get it back then, and i still dont get it! haha take a trip back down memory lane!

Thursday, November 12, 2009

Milk Carton! City High!!!!

mannnn i remember my sister used to bump this group ALLLL day long when were growing up. i can remember cleaning listening singing these people, and it getting on my last nerve! but hey, they did go super hard! ahhh the good ol days!

Monday, November 9, 2009

SuperWomen=Single Mothers...

Now dont get it confused..i was raised by both of my parents..and they did a fantastic job! but this is brief time in which i want to admire women who are stuck with raising  a child all by themselves due to the fact that their sperm donors feel the need to not step up to the plate.

I met a woman in which told me that she currently works full time, raises a 5 year old boy, bought her own house, attend school, and pays her own bills, and hell she still is able to find time to work out, and entertain the idea of having a boyfriend.

This doesnt seem like the resume of the average 20-24 year olds that ive ran across but this example is relevant more than i thought.

i was completely blown away when i sat down and actually thought about it, and it inspired me to A)work harder and B)to step up to the plate when opportunity presents itself for me to have a child because its not fair for women to carry that burder.

so 2 shouts for the single mothers! woop woop!


Thursday, November 5, 2009

Review: Wiz Khalifa's Burn After Rolling

So it looks like my boy wiz is back at it again! if anybody knows me, ive been bumpin this guy for quite awhile and its good to see this guy's career go in a positive direction.
Now to the Review:

-Production: As usual Wiz usually does a great job of finding great beats to spit too. Standout Production tracks are "One Way","Meet New People", and "Timeless"

-Lyrics: This is where things get sketchy. Wiz is known for his flow that he compliments with an occasional punchline. In his previous tapes (Prince of the City 2, StarPower) it was clear that he put heavy emphasis on his wordplay, but as he releases new material its apparent that he is getting laxed. Maybe because he saved all of the grade A lyricism for the album or he might've spend too much time "endorsing" weed to really focus. But there were some tracks that were sketchy but not enough to really hinder his catalog. Standout Lyrical tracks are "If I were a Lame", "Young Khalifa", and "Mafia Music(remix)" to name a few

-Flow: Wiz's flow is great if not better. He seems to have gotten a lot more confident in his skills and rides most beats flawlessly. This tape also seems to showcase a lot more of his singing skills that he apparently is trying to push. luckily there isnt too much singing like his "Flight School, and StarPower" tape but the few tracks that he did decide to sing on complimented the vibe of the tape well.

-Overall: I give this tape a B- due to the fact that i think he rushed through tracks in desperation to put something out before his albums often leaving him sounding uninspired. Hopefully he pulls a single out of his sleeve similar to "Say Yeah" because i would love for this guy to get the shine he finally deserves! TAYLOR GANG! haha


Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Milk Carton! Ms. Jade!

haha so i stumbled across the video 'bighead' the other day. Does anybody remember how much they used to play that song back in the glory days of BET. Shoutout to Cita's World! haha

please find her! tell her to come back!

Big Head - Ms. Jade


Random Stuff

Today, i have nothing important to blog about so its just gonna be some random thoughts. i can pretty much put whatever i want in here because i believe im the only who reads this thing anyway haha.

Stay away from chicken salad. last night, the misses served me a chicken salad sandwhich and ive become great friends with mr. toliet ever since.

the new age degrassi sucks. i dunno what happened. this show used to be so good, and now its just trash. all the actors CANT act. like its unbelievable, they're gonna make me suit up and show them how its done. i mean hell, look what it did for aubrey graham, oops, i mean drake.

reality tv sucks. how do people watch this stuff?

welp. thats looks like all i want to type as of right now. stay tuned for some new updates.

Monday, November 2, 2009

icy hot

You may be wondering what does this picture have to do with me. Well i'll tell ya. For some strange reason, i decided to play 3 games of basketball in chuck taylors yesterday. keep in mind that i havent played bball in 2 maybe 3 years, so not only was i super rusty, i was SUPER out of shape. i honestly dont know how i made it, because my heart was beating so fast i could of sworn that something was wrong. needless to say, im now applying icy hot in key areas due to that wonderful feeling of sorness.

shoutout to the guys of unkommon kolor, and the sore losers.

Sunday, November 1, 2009

Milk Carton: Smilez and Southstar

haha remember these guys? where the hell did they go? and more did an azn and black link up to form a rap group? dont play like this song didnt jam! lets take it back on em'

Thursday, October 29, 2009

Start Getting to the Real..

aight folks, from this day forward i vow to continue updating this site on a regular basis! i wont lie and say everyday, but on a steady basis! so help me! by dropping blog topics!

Thursday, September 10, 2009

today's double header!!!

first off, yall got to check out this michael jackson and eddie murphy track! WTH!! haha

and THEN this foo!!!!

Wednesday, July 29, 2009

KillaMC x Dom Kennedy

now, im not gonna front. i wasnt aware of this guy before i met him at the kixpo afterparty. and to be even more honest, i wasnt interested, but because im a fan of hip hop, and he was the headliner of the night, i decided to check him out. after the first song of his set, i was upset with myself for being in the dark. i didnt have any cash on me to cop the mixtape from him but i made sure i got a copy from his myspace page. dude was mad cool and even let me grab a flick with him. much success, and props for puttin me on game!


Thursday, July 16, 2009

Why Ron Artest Why?

now i love M.Jackson like the next person...but Ron, Really? This sucks!

Tuesday, July 7, 2009

it gets real: World of Warcraft!!!

just to show you how serious this game is....

these kids take it VERY serious!

Saturday, June 27, 2009

Really Hurricane Chris?!?!

did this guy really just do this?

i think he

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

So you want to start your own label huh?!?

everyday i get approached by some foo claiming he just started his label and wants to sign me. and i simply hand them my business card and keep it moving. However, i found this interesting checklist that help those who are serious get a label off of the ground. So dont just speak it! be about it!

35 Things To Consider When Starting Your Own Record Label
By Christopher Knab

1. Why are you starting your own label? (What is your motivation?)

2. Why would anyone want to buy your music anyway?

3. Is there currently a market for your kind of music? Prove it!

4. If you are not releasing your own music, have you ever read a recording contract? Are you aware of all the traditional clauses that are in such 75-100 page contracts?

5. Do you know anything about copyright law?

6. What is a Mechanical Royalty?

7. Have you ever heard of the Harry Fox Agency? What do they do?

8. What do you want to achieve by starting your own label?

9. What do you know about the day to day business of selling music?

10. Will your new company be a sole proprietorship, a partnership, or a corporation? (Do you know the pros and cons of each?)

11. Have you registered the name of your company to make sure you can use that name?

12. Will you need any recording equipment or office equipment and supplies to run your label?

13. Do you have a recording studio you can work with?

14. Do you know any record producers and/or engineers?

15. How much money do you think it will cost you to startup your label, and to finance the recordings and marketing of the recordings for the first year?

16. Where will the financing come from?

17. What local, state, and federal tax responsibilities will your label have?

18. How will you sell your records? (Live shows, Internet sales, mail order, catalog sales, Distributors, Stores?)

19. What specific distribution and retail sales plans have you arranged so fans of your music can easily buy your releases at record and other retail stores?

20. Do you have the money, time, and determination to compete in an industry that releases over 500 new records a week?

21. How much does it cost to manufacture CDs, Tapes, and/or vinyl?

22. What 'configurations' will you need to manufacture your music?

23. How many copies do you need to manufacture for each release?

24. What are 'package deals' offered by manufacturers, and are they right for you?

25. Will you need to make any posters, bin cards, or other promotional materials? If so, how many and how much will that cost?

26. What specific packaging choices are available and which is right for your releases?

27. How did you estimate the number of copies you needed?

28. Did you count into your estimation the number of free CDs you will have to give away for promotions of various kinds?

29. How will you go about finding new acts to sign to your label?

30. How important do you think the graphic element is in designing your label's logo, and specific cover artwork for your releases?

31. Do you know any graphic artists with record jacket design experience?

32. What specific information should go on the cover, back cover, spine, booklet, and on the CD itself?

33. Do you have your own Barcode? Why do you need one?

34. Do you know how to write a music marketing plan, a distributor one-sheet, and other promotional materials?

35. Who is your customer? If you think you know them, then describe them in very specific terms.

Monday, June 8, 2009

Next Show is June 19th!

come out and support me, and local hip hop at this event:

Sunday, May 24, 2009

New Mixtape Project in Works Facebook Only Exclusive!!!

Thats right folks! i have a New Mixtape that will be composed of 14 tracks only availiable on facebook but


only one song will be dropped per day for the next 14, and at the end you will be able to download the whole CD complete with the cover art, thats displayed throughout the video tracks! So get your burners ready, and tell ya homegirl! haha

Thursday, April 30, 2009

on the grind.

a lot of peeps ben askin where i been at...

ive been in the lab.

project is done. cover is ready. website almost finished. copyrights in place. so ive been on that.

plus add college, girlfriend, work, and the stress of everyday life, mix it in a pot, and you got ME!

hell, even my moms was illin' when she seen me(after a 4 day hiatus) sayin that i need to get a haircut, but it is a recession, and im on the grizzly....

i know one thing, yall M'fers better buy/download the CD when it drops!

Monday, March 23, 2009

the recession is serious!

i found this video online, about 2 brothas fighting over a trying to tell ya'll, this recession is no joke haha...notice how out of all the punches thrown, zero(0) actually land.

Sunday, February 15, 2009

Travis Porter!

ok, usually im totally against promoting other bands on my blog, but its time for me to stop hating and give credit where it is due. if yall ever get bored,yall should check out this group called travis porter...they have me rollin! apparently they're pretty big in NC(thats north carolina for the dummies) and after listening to their music, i can see why.

so heres their myspace link:

Saturday, February 14, 2009

New Interview Featured on

what up yall,

sorry for the long hiatus, but honestly, i havent been in the mood to update this. but with the recent turn of events, i just thought i would let yall know that i am now featured on i'll post the link so you can go check it out, and let me know what you think!
here's the link: