Tuesday, June 15, 2010

why men went soft...

i see a lot of women complain these days that men have gone soft as in overly emotional. i am here to inform you that i have now discovered why this change has occured...its simple.


think about to the early 2000's when women were being degraded in every facet of media. all they did was cry. cry for better programming, cry for better music videos, cry for better music.

fast forward to current times, we now have a generation of men who are concentrated on pleasing the women. (aka being soft). im not saying this is a bad thing, im just bringing this out to light. how many songs are there NOW telling women over and over that she's bad, etc....hell I couldnt even sit through the superbowl this past year without being bombarded on the tons of commercials that highlighted an emasculated male.

however, im taking a stand! and if theres men reading this...YOU should too!

basically the point of this argument is. women dont know what they want out of men..rihanna is a prime example(see Umbrella and rude boy for the contradiction)

until the day that women stop using R&B music to influence their decision making in regards to relationships the world will forever be in turmoil.

stand strong brethern, and fight the power!

who is behind this?

lets start off my random updates with some humor...check this out

there is nothing worse than clicking a 'view more pics' on a chicks page only to see 80 pictures of her kids....how lame.

Thursday, April 8, 2010

jay rock x floyd mayweather

if you know me, you know i vouch for floyd mayweather to win any bout. so i really hope he endorses this song cuz it would be a good look for jay rock too. WATTS UP hahaha

the youtube jump.

Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Milk Carton: Boo and Gotti

where have these two dudes been at?

milk carton: Philly's Most Wanted

your not a hip hop head if you dont know this!

Monday, March 29, 2010


now if you were a kid around the late 90s/early 00's i KNOW you remember the annoying show "Cita's World"...they better be thanking the fact that they had music videos to watch cuz me and my sister used to HATE this 3D sh*t talking woman...back in the days when BET didnt give a dern about the "black image" haha

thank goodness we dont have to put up with more of this!

Milk Carton: Isyss

whatever happened to these girls!? this joint jammed! plus they had the jada co-sign!

Monday, March 15, 2010

why men dont like holding hands.

look at this picture. what do you see. a simp aka a man who looks really weak.

now, i dont know this man. he might actually be strong, cool, etc. but as of now, he is on complete b*tch mode because he has been snapped in public holding hands while his woman is leading the way. what we have here ladies and gentlemen is the sole reason why men dont like holding hands.

women cant understand this concept. to them, they think its romantic, they think its sweet blah blah blah...but to the men and everybody else that live in the real world it means one thing.

YOUR A B*TCH...not just any ol b*tch, but what we call a "PUNK A** B*TCH (haha)

you wanna know why ladies?

because we end up looking like that guy in the picture!!!.....sad

we understand you wanna be connected, and you wanna show affection and a man shouldnt be embarassed holding his womans hand yada yada yada but get outta here with that.

so behalf of all men...i say to you! DONT HOLD MY HAND H*E! and i mean that in the most respectful way possible haha

Sunday, March 14, 2010

here's my so called friendship rant....

if you follow me on twitter(@KillaIsIlla) you know im no stranger to rants. however the following rant i have will be too big for twitter and i simply dont want to spread the negative vibes on everybody's timeline. do the fact that i dont want to type in proper grammer with punctuation and what not, i'll just list my grievances in bulletin format(take that college!!!!) beware it may have cussing, it may not depends on how i feel.

and now onto the goods:

-im tired of my so called friends acting like THEY do ME a favor. prime example. the other day rapper myneiss came to my house to record tracks with his group members. i was all chill and pretty excited because i like hearing the 2 younger dudes rap(very well, i might add) and they needed an avenue to get music done, and me being the nice guy i am decided to lend my services. however, i had to put up with myneiss's, sharp tongue and bitchy attitude for over an hour. i chose to hold my tongue because i didnt want to hinder the vibe of a pretty chill environment.-----it wasn't till after they left, that i realized i should've checked him but god truly knew my heart. ---so myneiss, since you don't like to answer the phone. here's what i have to say to you

: you have a lot of nerve coming up in my shit, talking to me crazy! i mean seriously, you got to be kidding me. if your having your lil emotional problems that's all fine and dandy, but you got me all types of fucked up if you think your gonna hide behind that excuse. i left you come record at my crib. for free. mix and somewhat master your tracks. for free. you eat at my crib. for free. and gave you a place to sleep. for free. and you wanna act a damn fool!? i really try to be patient with you, because i try to understand your situation, but trust me. your shit stinks like the rest of us. let me remind you. that in ALL the years i've known you, YOU haven't done S-H-I-T for me. take offense to that statement if you want too, but its only the truth. so i advise you next time if you feel you can't be around me because your 'going through' something then its best you stay where your at. because i can promise you, i will not hesitate to fire your ass up.

this will be continued...stay posted.

Tuesday, March 2, 2010

I feel your pain homie!

this video has had me crying of laughter for the last 20 mins...i can totally relate to this dude up until the part where he gets bum rushed and slammed...

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

KMC x B.Dogg-Party and Bullsh*t

just having some fun check it out

KMC x B.Dogg-Party n Bullshit from donovan payne on Vimeo.

KMC featured on Unholy Knight's Blog for Music Monday

appreciate the love and support for the work I put in! here's a screen shot of the feature but go look for yourself @ http://unholyknight.com/2010/01/free-music-monday/

Sunday, January 10, 2010

proof that pacquiao is weak!

this foo is too weak! mayweather all day!

setting himself up for ridicule...

why flav...why?!? what does chuck D have to say about all of this foolishness?!

Thursday, January 7, 2010

Rappers and Skirts?!?!

ummm im all for being fashion forward, but im not down with this movement. this is a prime example of why men are needed in the raising of a child because my dad would open a can if he saw me parading around america wearing one of these boys..what do you think?

Blu Cantrell Where are you at?!?!

mannnnn i ran across this video the other day, and it brought back childhood memories! blu cantrell come back!!! sigh...the good ol days!

Wednesday, January 6, 2010


if yall have been sleeping on this show, you are tooo lame. my roomate got me hooked on it, and now i cant stop watching this mess! whoever thought that a serial killer who works for the police would be so interesting. but if you do start watching make sure you start at season 1 and catch up, or otherwise you will be super lost in the story line!

avoid jury duty

the other day i had the "pleasure" of serving my city and may i must tell you it was by far the most boring thing i ever did. i thought i was gonna have the pleasure of putting some fool behind bars but instead i was just sitting there in a cold room with no tv for 6 hours. if you ever get the chance  to get selected i strongly recommend that you do whatever it takes to get out of it