Friday, August 15, 2008

What Women Should Know about the Male Period..

i found this entry written on facebook and decided i should post it here so more people can read it. Im not gonna state whether i agree or disagree simply because i want you to come up with your own opinion.

I was speaking with a few friends over the past couple of days and came across a lot of different relationship advice and opinions. The one that suck out to me was the “male period” (Which came from a male’s point of view). The “male period” is like a woman’s period but more intense as the relationship progresses. Men don’t leak out any fluids, but they do get moody, bitchy, irritated, low self esteem, insecure, and defensive, just like women. But the “male period” is slightly different. The “male period” is when a man doesn’t get sex when he wants it, and when you REJECT them that intensify the issue, (I guess it is a compulsive human behavior, kind of like dogs pissin on everything) lol. If you try to work out the issue by just giving into them and having sex to satisfy their need it becomes pity sex, and no one like pity sex. Once this becomes a trend in your relationship it spirals down hill from there. Cheating, false accusations about you cheating, erratic behavior, assholiusm, cocky ness, aggressiveness ect……….. If they can’t get it from you they will find it else where. You have to keep there pride going. I was also told (from a male friend) that 50% of the relationship is sex, then 30% finance and 20% liking (love). And I thought that was kind of fucked up. I’m going to have to like our ass more then 20% to have sex with you (my personal opinion). So what now ladies Damned if you do, Damned if you don’t. I ‘m not going to bash the men all day, they don’t like doing the girly shit we like too. SO LADIES we have to make our own 70% Actress 20% Love (liking) 10% Emotional, because if you love them your going to have to play that role honey. I’m not necessarily speaking from experience but I thought it would be a heads up to us Ladies. A few tips: Look sexy 24/7, cook, clean, wash, and fuckem when ever they want. Let me know how you feel about this men and women??????

-Lynnita Hughes

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