Sunday, March 14, 2010

here's my so called friendship rant....

if you follow me on twitter(@KillaIsIlla) you know im no stranger to rants. however the following rant i have will be too big for twitter and i simply dont want to spread the negative vibes on everybody's timeline. do the fact that i dont want to type in proper grammer with punctuation and what not, i'll just list my grievances in bulletin format(take that college!!!!) beware it may have cussing, it may not depends on how i feel.

and now onto the goods:

-im tired of my so called friends acting like THEY do ME a favor. prime example. the other day rapper myneiss came to my house to record tracks with his group members. i was all chill and pretty excited because i like hearing the 2 younger dudes rap(very well, i might add) and they needed an avenue to get music done, and me being the nice guy i am decided to lend my services. however, i had to put up with myneiss's, sharp tongue and bitchy attitude for over an hour. i chose to hold my tongue because i didnt want to hinder the vibe of a pretty chill environment.-----it wasn't till after they left, that i realized i should've checked him but god truly knew my heart. ---so myneiss, since you don't like to answer the phone. here's what i have to say to you

: you have a lot of nerve coming up in my shit, talking to me crazy! i mean seriously, you got to be kidding me. if your having your lil emotional problems that's all fine and dandy, but you got me all types of fucked up if you think your gonna hide behind that excuse. i left you come record at my crib. for free. mix and somewhat master your tracks. for free. you eat at my crib. for free. and gave you a place to sleep. for free. and you wanna act a damn fool!? i really try to be patient with you, because i try to understand your situation, but trust me. your shit stinks like the rest of us. let me remind you. that in ALL the years i've known you, YOU haven't done S-H-I-T for me. take offense to that statement if you want too, but its only the truth. so i advise you next time if you feel you can't be around me because your 'going through' something then its best you stay where your at. because i can promise you, i will not hesitate to fire your ass up.

this will be continued...stay posted.

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