Thursday, December 18, 2008

Jus Droppin some science..

i dont want to drop too much, cuz some of yall too dumb for words, but heres something to hold you when you rappin and frontin...

Getting Signed to a Major Label

Many people think the only way to make a living off music is to get signed to a major label. The advantages of being signed to a major label is better promotion and distribution, but the downside is these services are paid for by your record sales. Even the handful of popular musicians who do get signed to a major label and get a hot single or two find it hard to live off of record sales.

Something you probably didn’t know:

The profit from 500,000 units sold on a major label is equivalent to 8,000 independently.

So if your album goes gold on a major label, the average amount of profit is around $50,000! Of course that doesn’t count shows, sponsors, or publishing, but considering how long it took to get signed, make the album and promote the album, makes living off album sales an unrealistic expectation.

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