Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Fan of the Moment!

yoooo told yall i was gonna start spotlighting some people who help make me who I am, So lets start this off with my chick right here!I appreciate all the love and if you feel like you need to be spotlighted, hit me up!

1)For starters Whats your name?


2)Where you from?


3)how did you discover me?

myspaceee. long ago.

4)If the ninja turtles and the power rangers got in a fight, who would win?

power rangerssss. without a doubt. especially if the red one was ready to fight.

5)Do you think they should of had a brown power ranger to atleast represent for the latinos? i mean, they covered all the other races, I dont think that was fair.

well i dont represent for the latinos. but im indian..so brown could work for me. YEAH! brown power rangers! i'll back the movement!

6)would you rather party with a fat chick or a midget?

midget. imagine if the fat chick got excited and sat on me :| imagine.

7)besides me, who else do you listen too?

ludacris, nas, trey songz..anyone good :]

8)Do you think the moon would be a safe place to live? because those craters would look like they can cause some bad roads...

i cant even drive on earth so it cant be more dangerous than here right?

9)Would you rather have world peace or free gas?

free gas. ha. no world peace if this is public..

10)Whats your myspace? incase some of my friends want to hit you up


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