Saturday, December 6, 2008


so like any bored man in america with internet access does when he has time to kill, i decided to take part in youtube surfing.Now keep in mind i was just surfing the tube not looking for anything in particular and i happened to run across a group of chicks called the 'twerk team' ...i started out watching these videos just kinda in disbelief because i thought most females wouldnt stoop to degrading themselves in such manner...i mean c'mon, how often have we had these talks about rap music degrading females and how rappers only use women to be seen and displayed as objects and yada yada yada...but apparently after watching these videos, its clear to see the females threw all that out the window! hell i aint bout to post them all because this aint no booty site, but hopefully you'll get the picture. iSupport the Twerk Team!

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