Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Random Stuff

Today, i have nothing important to blog about so its just gonna be some random thoughts. i can pretty much put whatever i want in here because i believe im the only who reads this thing anyway haha.

Stay away from chicken salad. last night, the misses served me a chicken salad sandwhich and ive become great friends with mr. toliet ever since.

the new age degrassi sucks. i dunno what happened. this show used to be so good, and now its just trash. all the actors CANT act. like its unbelievable, they're gonna make me suit up and show them how its done. i mean hell, look what it did for aubrey graham, oops, i mean drake.

reality tv sucks. how do people watch this stuff?

welp. thats looks like all i want to type as of right now. stay tuned for some new updates.

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