Monday, November 30, 2009

Disgust! Pure Disgust!

Disgust...this is the word that describes my current mood as of lately. Mainly with my 'friends'.

Now. before anybody gets emotional, im not disgusted with all my friends, just some of the people that i held at a high regard.

I was sittin back thinkin the other day, that i havent heard from certain people in ages! and it amazes me that the only time i DO hear from certain people is if I make the attempt to call them. I know this may seem trivial but bear with me.

I have a homeboy who rode with me damn near everyday, and everywhere for the past 2 that he has his own car, and girlfriend...we're strangers.  Funny because he has no problem hitting me up randomly when he needs a favor, but if i call this guy, he never answers. and conveniently the satelite goes down everytime i send a text message. pretty effed up if you ask me, but hey i guess thats life.

i have a homegirl who i love dearly. me and her go way back. this is someone who i should be able to call whenever i have an issue and for the most part she is. but thats if shes single. the minute she gets a boyfriend im kicked to the curb faster than trash on christmas. it doesnt stop there tho, get this. the minute her lil boyfriends start to cheat on her(as they usually do because she sure knows how to pick them) were best friends again, next thing you know, he makes it up to her, they have sex, and i once again fade to black, only to wait another 6 months to hear from her again.

too many times have i felt left hanging when it comes to my so-called inner circle of friends. Ive given advice to people only to be later shitted on. Oftentimes my words will get flipped and even get used against me. but hey its all good at the end of the day. no love lost. i'll just have to handle people with a long handed spoon.

*leaving soapbox now haha*

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