Monday, November 9, 2009

SuperWomen=Single Mothers...

Now dont get it confused..i was raised by both of my parents..and they did a fantastic job! but this is brief time in which i want to admire women who are stuck with raising  a child all by themselves due to the fact that their sperm donors feel the need to not step up to the plate.

I met a woman in which told me that she currently works full time, raises a 5 year old boy, bought her own house, attend school, and pays her own bills, and hell she still is able to find time to work out, and entertain the idea of having a boyfriend.

This doesnt seem like the resume of the average 20-24 year olds that ive ran across but this example is relevant more than i thought.

i was completely blown away when i sat down and actually thought about it, and it inspired me to A)work harder and B)to step up to the plate when opportunity presents itself for me to have a child because its not fair for women to carry that burder.

so 2 shouts for the single mothers! woop woop!


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