Thursday, November 5, 2009

Review: Wiz Khalifa's Burn After Rolling

So it looks like my boy wiz is back at it again! if anybody knows me, ive been bumpin this guy for quite awhile and its good to see this guy's career go in a positive direction.
Now to the Review:

-Production: As usual Wiz usually does a great job of finding great beats to spit too. Standout Production tracks are "One Way","Meet New People", and "Timeless"

-Lyrics: This is where things get sketchy. Wiz is known for his flow that he compliments with an occasional punchline. In his previous tapes (Prince of the City 2, StarPower) it was clear that he put heavy emphasis on his wordplay, but as he releases new material its apparent that he is getting laxed. Maybe because he saved all of the grade A lyricism for the album or he might've spend too much time "endorsing" weed to really focus. But there were some tracks that were sketchy but not enough to really hinder his catalog. Standout Lyrical tracks are "If I were a Lame", "Young Khalifa", and "Mafia Music(remix)" to name a few

-Flow: Wiz's flow is great if not better. He seems to have gotten a lot more confident in his skills and rides most beats flawlessly. This tape also seems to showcase a lot more of his singing skills that he apparently is trying to push. luckily there isnt too much singing like his "Flight School, and StarPower" tape but the few tracks that he did decide to sing on complimented the vibe of the tape well.

-Overall: I give this tape a B- due to the fact that i think he rushed through tracks in desperation to put something out before his albums often leaving him sounding uninspired. Hopefully he pulls a single out of his sleeve similar to "Say Yeah" because i would love for this guy to get the shine he finally deserves! TAYLOR GANG! haha


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